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4 Pole & 2 Pole Contactors

4 Pole Contactor

NHD, 4 Pole Contactors are most rugged, proven & time tested Contactors for Agriculture Starters & tough Industrial applications. They offer choice of add-on auxiliary contact block with configuration 1NO+1NC,2NO or 2NC.

2 Pole CPG Contactor

This is most rugged & proven contactor for Single Phase pump control application and withstand harsh voltage fluctuation condition of the field, The two pole power contactor type “CPG” is based on the proven design of NHD Contactors.

2 Pole JPG Contactor

We have an innovative design to meet the need of the market for Single Phase Pump Control. This 2-Pole Power Contactor type “JPG” is based on state of the art engineering design.


Direct-on-Line (DOL) Starters are highly reliable & time tested starters & suitable for wide range of agriculture & industrial applications. It offers complete motor protection against overload, single phasing, phase reversal & severe unbalanced voltages conditions, all in accordance with latest IS/IEC 60947-4-1 specifications.

Limit Switches

Heavy Duty Limit Switch

Heavy duty Limit switches are designed to work in adverse industrial conditions. It delivers flawless & consistent performance even in highly contaminated atmosphere, high shock & vibration applications.

Mini Limit Switch

Mini Limit Switches are designed with a single aim to improve productivity with less production down time. It comes with wide range of operating heads and meets the requirements of Machine Tools, Lifts and Escalators, Food and Beverages, Textile Machines, Packaging & Printing Machines applications.

Precision Limit Switch

Precision range Limit Switch are best suited for applications where space is a priority. These are compact in size, reliable in operation, has exceptionally very high life